Nino Magro

I inherited my grandfather’s passion for images, his artistic vision of the world being transmitted to me by his Rolleiflex. He watched the plains of the Netherlands through it, I look at the mountains surrounding me.

The first time my parents showed me how to use their camera, I was about ten years old. It only had a semi-automatic mode, so I had to learn the bases of photography. I still remember my father’s voice « Focus » right before I would press the shutter. A few years later, my uncle gave me my first camera, which stayed with me for many years.

It is only when I got to high school that I discovered videography. With a gopro on my head, I started sharing my days out climbing and skiing with friends. Then, I participated in Chamonix’s short film festival : Préambules. And even though I didn’t win any prizes my film got selected and screen along with twenty other shorts in front of a full house.
This experience encouraged me to keep on creating, and in the following months, I went out of my comfort zone more and more with the videos I was making. From that moment on, I stopped simply showing my days out in the mountain, and started telling them. I experimented with editing, and started learning what influence the order of shots have on the video in its entirety.

This curiosity never stopped growing inside me, and today I keep on telling stories. Truth fascinates me, so I naturally oriented myself towards documentary.
But more than just showing or telling it, what I try to do is to transmit it. And this, I think is the power of film: to transmit the emotion the protagonists had during the action to the viewer. Be it thrill, humility or fraternity. My goal is to infuse that into the viewer.

Siempre Regresan

Running in high mountains is incredible to the ones doing it, and beyond understanding for those watching. It is a very personal sport, that not everyone understands.

For a few years, trail running is exploding. In the mountains, along the sea and even in town, trail runners are more every year.
This big movement has created a smaller one : alpine running. To some, alpine running seems to be accessible, almost easy. To others, this sport can only be done by reckless people, who risk their lives without even knowing it.
The reality is set in between those points of view. Through the eyes of a few alpine runners, we are going to try to understand their interest, their motivations for this sport. But they will also tell us about their vision of risk, and some of the problems that can be created by this sport.

With : Karina Carsolio, Max Alvarez, Santiago Carsolio, Moises Jimenez, Hugo Alvarez, Carlos Carsolio and Kilian Jornet.
Produced by Jaouad Abbaoui for Newwoc Pictures
Original soundtrack : Marion Courtais
Sound Design : Julien Chabbert

Le Kile

There is nothing trivial about walking on a wire up in the air. Especially is this wire is one kilometer long, and crosses a whole valley.
When you are standing on this highline, you only get to see the end when you are almost done with your crossing. There might only be about one hundred meters left. Before that, you can only guess. You imagine it. You just see the line disappearing in front of you, and you walk. One foot after the other. You think about the end. And then you don’t.
Until finally, you get there.

Based on a project by Lucas Giovanni Moreira

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